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High Weeds at 8500 GROVELAND DR

8502 Groveland Drive vacant lot continuously has weeds, trash. This has been occurring for well over a year. I last submitted a new report over 30 days ago. The app now says "resolved". As one can tell, this situation is clearly not r...
OPENED 2 minutes ago #17-00418922

High Weeds at 3036 ALTA MESA DR

Weeds and grass over 12 inches tall.
OPENED 3 minutes ago #17-00418901

Junk Vehicle at 3724 VANDERVORT DR

OPENED 3 minutes ago #17-00418898

High Weeds at 3521 CHICAGO ST

OPENED 5 minutes ago #17-00418891

Sign Knockdown at ABRAMS RD & BELMONT AVE

citizen states that this intersection is very dangerous and pedestrians can be killed due to the inability of citizens to pay attention to the lighting. Citizen is requesting pedestrian light be added to this traffic signal
OPENED 5 minutes ago #17-00418892

Missed Collection at 7304 RIDGEWICK DR

OPENED 5 minutes ago #17-00418889

High Weeds at 3517 CHICAGO ST

OPENED 6 minutes ago #17-00418888

High Weeds at 3513 CHICAGO ST

OPENED 6 minutes ago #17-00418883


black unknown breed -- mapleleaf between springwood and silverwood
OPENED 6 minutes ago #17-00418878

High Weeds at 10030 GARLAND RD

We as home owners try hard to keep our properties clean and mowed to not make it look trashy. We know the thrift store has employees to mow the small section. I did not waste my time to upload trashy grassy pictures that frame the entra...
OPENED 6 minutes ago #17-00418881

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