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Stagnant Water at 7731 LA RISA DR

Standing water between side walk and curb
OPENED about 4 hours ago #18-00365041

Stagnant Water at 1304 HOLCOMB RD

Possibly a broken pipe on the property. Water has been leaking for over a month now and nothing has been done. The water is now accumulated covered in trash. Starting to smell pretty foul. The leak runs the water all the way to the drains...
OPENED about 6 hours ago #18-00364953

Stagnant Water at 6100 W NORTHWEST HWY

There's a lot of water in the area. Maybe a broken water main?
OPENED 1 day ago #18-00364575

Stagnant Water at 2823 SHARON ST

Oakcliff Dallas area, no pools or creeks. but there influx of mosquitoes. caller unsure of where they are coming from, please call for updates.
OPENED 1 day ago #18-00364548

Stagnant Water at 7221 OAKBLUFF DR

OPENED 1 day ago #18-00364350

Stagnant Water at 3586 ESMALDA DR

My previous request has been open for 9 days with no update or action. Is the city planning on working this issue for 3634 Bickers St.?
OPENED 1 day ago #18-00364277

Stagnant Water at 18002 DAVENPORT RD

Correct address is 18000 Davenport Rd., Dallas, 75252 Possibly abandoned above ground pool contains approximately 6" of green, stagnant water. This is a mosquito breeding environment. Thank you.
CLOSED Closed - Unable to Confirm/Locate Problem - 1 day ago #18-00359786

Stagnant Water at 7123 DEBBE DR

Running water coming out of the swimming pool at 7123 Debbe Dr. And going down the alley. This been going on for five days.
OPENED 1 day ago #18-00363936

Stagnant Water at 2626 GLADSTONE DR

Citizen Lives at listed location.Pool is at 2630 Gladstone. Citizen states Neighbors filled up pool all day Yesterday and now when she goes outside on her property, there are a large amount of mosquitos in her front and backyard.
OPENED 1 day ago #18-00363680

Stagnant Water at 12802 PANDORA DR

This is the third report of this. I already have issues with mosquitos and this is not helping. This needs to be fixed or the owner needs to be sited!! This is ridiculous!!!!!!
OPENED 2 days ago #18-00363519

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