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Other at 5535 VICKERY BLVD

Stuff all over front porch and it has been there for some time
OPENED New - about 5 hours ago #18-00419502

Other at 5502 GOODWIN AVE

Remodel with no visible permit
OPENED New - about 5 hours ago #18-00419499

Other at 3860 HIGHGROVE DR

Construction happening on Sunday.
OPENED New - about 6 hours ago #18-00419470

Other at 5824 VANDERBILT AVE

Rooster in chicken coop
OPENED New - about 6 hours ago #18-00419441

Other at 2768 N GARRETT AVE

Down Tree on power line
OPENED New - about 9 hours ago #18-00419314

Other at 710 S AKARD ST

There is a trailer left behind on the entrance freeway.
OPENED New - about 15 hours ago #18-00419267

Other at 2536 WESTERN PARK DR

Loud music and screaming
OPENED about 16 hours ago #18-00419260

Other at 13300 PATITO PL

Tree fell on car
OPENED New - about 20 hours ago #18-00419184

Other at 5847 COOLWATER CV

Electrical outage for large area due to present storm.
OPENED New - about 21 hours ago #18-00419134


Unkept and growing bushes and shrubs in neighborhood and not sure who specifically to contact
OPENED New - about 23 hours ago #18-00419075

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