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Litter at 4519 FRANK ST, DALLAS, 75210

They cut downs some trees and left all the trash. Didn't want to leave her name only her phone number.
OPENED 8 minutes ago #18-00252429

Dead Animal at 206 S CLIFF ST

OPENED 8 minutes ago #18-00252424

High Weeds at 14132 EDGECREST DR

OPENED 8 minutes ago #18-00252425

24 HR Parking Violation at 3632 MILES ST

Car parked in wrong direction
CLOSED Resolved - Information Provided. OFFICER WENT BY LOCATION ON 5/215 AND DID NOT SAW ANY VEHICLES ILLEGALLY PARKED. - 9 minutes ago #18-00251076

Street Obstruction at 9938 LENEL PL

Limbs blocking sidewalk
CLOSED Resolved - Information Provided. correct address is 4006 walnut hill ln will be addressing obs on side walk. - 9 minutes ago #18-00235384

Sign Knockdown at 4575 GREENVILLE AVE

Stop sign leaning
OPENED New - 9 minutes ago #18-00252439

Junk Vehicle at 438 AVENUE F

Tan colored Cadillac JMV. Paper Plates: 776497C
OPENED 10 minutes ago #17-00447365

High Weeds at 1733 MARYLAND AVE

OPENED 11 minutes ago #18-00251740

Litter at 2839 LEBROCK ST

OPENED 11 minutes ago #18-00252411

Missed Collection at 5009 W LOVERS LN

Citizen stated for months they have been missing their garbage and have to call every week
OPENED New - 11 minutes ago #18-00252413

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