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Loose Dog (Owned) at 2208 N FITZHUGH AVE BACK ALLEY 6

This lady that owns the dog wasnt watching her dog and when the dog attacked the cat the lady just stood there watching and it took a stranger to grab the dog by the collar and hand the dog back to the lady then she left the cat for dead...
OPENED 1 minute ago #16-00490191

Loose Dog (Owned) at 10372 SANDRA LYNN DR

OPENED 1 minute ago #16-00528645

Loose Dog (Owned) at 3834 MEREDITH AVE, COCKRELL HILL

***CITIZEN CALLED BACK TO ADVISE THAT THE DOG RAN BACK HOME, CHANGING SR FROM SAFETY OBSTRUCTION TO ANIMAL LOOSE OWNED. ***MFRANKLIN 10/14 Citizen states that there is a dog roaming in and out of traffic coming from Hampton towards Westm...
OPENED 1 minute ago #16-00527252

Loose Dog (Owned) at 2943 50TH ST

4-6 Loose dogs, belong at this address.
OPENED 1 minute ago #16-00615969

Loose Dog (Owned) at 1300 N PLYMOUTH RD

a small tan and white Chihuahua loose in apartments. was unable to catch.
OPENED 1 minute ago #17-00095034

Loose Dog (Owned) at 2252 COLONY CT

all 3 dogs out of back gate now. dogs are kept in a small patio with not enough space or grass for dogs to use.
OPENED 1 minute ago #17-00058887

Dead Animal at 3717 VANDERVORT DR

will be located infront of house by the mailbox
OPENED 9 minutes ago #17-00131803

Dead Animal at 1241 ANN ARBOR AVE

OPENED 15 minutes ago #17-00131798

Dead Animal at 13639 BIGGS ST

Per DAS B1728, dead dog will be in a bag on the front pkwy.
OPENED 16 minutes ago #17-00131863

Other at 7823 MCCALLUM BLVD

Two male Latino men short hair wearing a black hoodie were standing outside my window staring into my apt and threw a rock and cracked it they both looked (NOT SOBER) but they were screaming rascist stuff about UTD students, both looked o...
OPENED 26 minutes ago #17-00131861

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