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Loose Dog (Owned) at 2252 COLONY CT

all 3 dogs out of back gate now. dogs are kept in a small patio with not enough space or grass for dogs to use.
OPENED 2 minutes ago #17-00058887

Loose Dog (Owned) at 2943 50TH ST

4-6 Loose dogs, belong at this address.
OPENED 2 minutes ago #16-00615969

Loose Dog (Owned) at 543 HELENA AVE

OPENED 2 minutes ago #17-00146454

Loose Dog (Owned) at 10372 SANDRA LYNN DR

OPENED 2 minutes ago #16-00528645

Watering Violation at 6957 ARAPAHO RD WAS DOG STOP

1 inch pipe 20 yards frm street , on north side of Arapaho, at base of big tree between street and dog stop in hillcrest village sprinkler just went off at 12:18 am
OPENED 4 minutes ago #17-00187731

Loose Dog (Owned) at 1533 IOWA AVE

Two loose dogs - one is a large pit with a broken chain attached to his collar. Other is a small jack Russell mix with no collar.
CLOSED Resolved - Animal Picked Up - 8 minutes ago #17-00187201

Other at 4720 ELM LEAF DR

NOISE COMPLAINT!!!!! They have loud music every weekend.
OPENED 27 minutes ago #17-00187730

High Weeds at 2445 OATES DR

High weeds and litter front and back yards
OPENED about 1 hour ago #17-00187728

Other at 1938 HILLBURN DR

Window was busted out of vehicle between the hrs of 10pm Friday night and 8am Saturday morning.
OPENED about 1 hour ago #17-00187727

Loose Dog (Owned) at 2135 SANDY LN

4-5 brown pitbull type dogs allowed to roam
CLOSED Closed - Unable to Confirm/Locate Problem - about 1 hour ago #17-00187722

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