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Missed Collection at 6807 AVALON AVE

OPENED 1 minute ago #16-00539471


***CITIZEN CALLED BACK TO ADVISE THAT THE DOG RAN BACK HOME, CHANGING SR FROM SAFETY OBSTRUCTION TO ANIMAL LOOSE OWNED. ***MFRANKLIN 10/14 Citizen states that there is a dog roaming in and out of traffic coming from Hampton towards Westm...
OPENED 1 minute ago #16-00527252

Stagnant Water at 4052 COLE AVE

There is a broken irrigation pipe in Cole Park next to the circle of rocks. It has created a huge puddle of mud that smells like death. Neighbors have reported it numerous times to the Parks Dept. in the last few months but no one has com...
1 minute ago

Loose Animal at 2515 ANZIO DR

White german shepherd dog
OPENED 1 minute ago #16-00529514

Loose Animal at 10372 SANDRA LYNN DR

OPENED 1 minute ago #16-00528645

Loose Animal at 2208 N FITZHUGH AVE BACK ALLEY 6

This lady that owns the dog wasnt watching her dog and when the dog attacked the cat the lady just stood there watching and it took a stranger to grab the dog by the collar and hand the dog back to the lady then she left the cat for dead...
OPENED 1 minute ago #16-00490191

Illegal Sign at 8826 MILITARY PKWY

Illegal signs from school
OPENED 3 minutes ago #16-00539472

Other at 3897 HAPPY CANYON DR

Citizen Comments: These 2 vehicles are parked on the curved street day in and day out could cause accidents when vehicles come around the curved street in either direction. Can vehicles park in the position at least the intersection of 39...
CLOSED Resolved - Information Provided - 3 minutes ago #16-00539163

Missed Collection at 2242 DEER PATH DR, DALLAS, 75216

OPENED 4 minutes ago #16-00539468

Open & Vacant House at 1421 KINGSLEY DR

10/20/2016--front windows--placard--mail NOV--ao
OPENED 6 minutes ago #16-00539465

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